Working with Lemon Tree Translations

You’ve decided to expand to a new market, and want to choose Lemon Tree Translations to overcome the language barriers? Great! Welcome on board!

Here are the steps we usually follow when working with a new client:

  1. You contact us with information about the materials you need translated. Feel free to upload your texts right away, they will of course be treated confidentially. This will help us send you a tailored proposal.The more details you provide, the easier and faster the process will be.
  2. We will look at your request, and get back to you if we have any questions. If you already provided all the information we need, we might get back to you with a detailed proposal directly. I many cases we will suggest getting on a phone or video call together, to make sure we’re on same page.
  3. What we need to know:
    1. Format of the text (a workable format like Word is preferable)
    2. Length of the text (word count)
    3. Topic (in order to deliver a good translations, the translators need to be familiar with the topic)
    4. Kind and purpose of the text (internal communication, marketing materials, slogans, manuals, website…)